Why use a shredding service?

Certificate of Destruction – A certificate of destruction is a documented record that your material has been destroyed.  Using an office shredder does not provide you with a record that the papers have been destroyed.

Cost Efficient In house office shredding can cost nearly twice as much as a shredding service if you factor in employee wages, benefits and cost of shredder. 

Time Management – Managing your time is essential part of running a successful business.  A shredding service frees your employees to focus on the tasks they are hired to do.

Compliance – A good shredding company is more than just an oversized paper shredder.  It’s our job to know the laws related to information destruction and to keep you up to date on changes.

Environmentally Friendly 100% of the paper we  shred is recycled! 


Why use Condor Document Services?

It’s Personal – You’re the customer so we want a service that’s right for you, not us!

Good conversation (Casey is an expert at striking up conversations about weather, baseball, 80’s music trivia and much more - he has a gift to gab as they say)

Compliant with the industry laws and remain up to date on current changes in legislature.

Texan owned and operatedWe are not Longhorns or Aggies but we LOVE Texas!

We love small town living – lots of other companies charge extra to come outside of the big city.  Not us, we do it because we love the people and businesses within those communities!

Professional – although we are fun loving, we know when to be serious and adhere to the most strict industry standards.  (See sounds professional huh?)

On-site – BAM! Done! On-site shredding provides worry-free shredding right at your location. 

We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to document destruction companies.  Unlike the big corporate giants we are focused on building relationships and bettering your business, not just on meeting numbers.  We want to assist you to in making your company’s document management secure and efficient.  Condor Document Services also only offers on-site shredding.  Right there at your location it’s destroyed so you don’t have to sweat it.