ShredSackFill it. Seal it. Shred it.

What is the ShredSack?

The ShredSack is a safe, easy and affordable option for any household or office.  With the ShredSack you fill it, seal it and shred it! It’s that easy.  Order your ShredSack fill it with documents, seal it, call us and we will come and shred it.  No more dealing with home shredders that constantly jam and make messes. No more opening envelopes or pulling out staples.  Your time is important and the ShredSack frees you from the daunting task of shredding yourself.  With the easy seal tab your material remains secure in the ShredSack until it is completely destroyed. Our job is to protect your information from getting out and into the wrong hands.  We know how frustrating it can be to sit and shred those unwanted papers.  Just toss it in the ShredSack! Once it’s full call to schedule your pick up service and we shred the whole bag.  It’s seriously that easy. 

When you shred documents yourself they are not recycled and usually end up in a lanfill.  All material in the ShredSack is recyclable, that means 100% of the paper you put in the ShredSack is recycled.  Doesn’t it feel good to be green? We think so!  

To get your ShredSack call us at (830) 637-7204 or email us at