How it works


Scheduled Service

·      Locked bin(s) are provided to you at your service location

·      At your time of service, a professional (aka Casey) will securely remove the material to the on-site shred truck.

·      Once the material has been destroyed Casey will return the emptied bin and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

One-Time and Purge Services

·      Our service representative (aka Casey) will arrive at your preferred location.

·      All boxes of material are emptied into a secured bin and taken to the mobile shredding unit (aka Condor One)

·      The material is shredded right there on-site ensuring the highest level of protection against your documents getting into the wrong hands.  

Drop Off Service

·      Find the closest location to you.

·      Bring in your material to be shredded.

·      Place your paper inside the locked container where it is secured until time of shredding.

·      Our mobile shredding unit (Condor One) picks up material where it is shredded on-site. 

·      Certificate of Destruction is emailed to you provided at the time you dropped off your paper. 

Drop off Locations:

Marble Falls


314 Main Street

JB's Quickship

701 N Hwy 281


D&W Printing

228 Main Street

JB's Quickship

602 S. Water St.


Fredericksburg Printing & Office Supply

237 W Main St

Scheduled service is provided to customers on a regular basis either monthly, weekly or daily depending on specific needs.   A one-time service is for either businesses or individuals who have a minimal amount of material to be disposed of.  Purge services are for those who have larger amounts, usually 40 or more file boxes of paper to be shredded.  

Key Items to Consider When Selecting a Document Destruction Service

• Does the company meet and exceed all of the requirements related to HIPAA, FACTA and HITECH? 

• How do they keep up with all the current security concerns and knowledge of the industry?

• Does the company drug test and background check current employees?  Does the company have employee's insured against dishonesty and theft?

• Does the company have on-site mobile shredding capabilities or do they shred at an off-site facility? 

• Does the company have the capable equipment for your volume?