Where do you go?

We cover a large area in Central Texas and no place is too small.  Located in the heart of the Hill Country we cover: Marble Falls, Burnet, Llano, Mason, San Saba, San Angelo, Abilene, Lampasas, Liberty Hill, Spicewood, Johnson City, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Dripping Springs.  If you have a question about your area call us. 


How does the process work?

We come to your location to shred the material you need disposed off.  It’s all done right there in a matter of minutes!  It’s that easy!


How much does it cost?

We have services starting as low as $20 for drop off, $30 for scheduled service and $95 for purge jobs.  Prices vary based on the amount of paper you need shredded for drop off and purge jobs.  Call us for more information about pricing. 


Do you provide service to residential customers?

Yes.  We offer services to anyone who needs paper shredding.  If you are in the process of a move or just need to clean out the attic, Condor Document Services comes to you making it easy to dispose of your unwanted documents.


What happens to the paper once it’s shredded?

After the paper has been completely destroyed it is then recycled and used to make new paper products.  Recycling your paper is a great way to help the environment!


Do I have to remove staples and paperclips?

No.  Our mobile shredding machine is capable of destroying staples, paperclips and small metal brads.  We do ask that you remove large binder clips, 3 ring binders and hanging files. If you have a question about metal give us a call. 


Do you require background checks on employees?

Yes! All employees are required to have a background check as well as training on how to correctly handle sensitive documents.


Can I drop off paper to be shredded?

Yes, we have convenient drop off locations! Call us to find out the best location for you. 


How will I know my documents have been destroyed? 

With each service we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, specifying the amount of paper destroyed, who destroyed it and when it was destroyed.  In addition to the Certificate of Destruction you are also able to watch your material being shredded through our on board cameras.