Really? You're starting a business in this economy?

October 04, 2012

Starting a business is always a challenge.  There is so much work to be done, so many small details that can't be overlooked.  Opening Condor Document Services has led us onto many new paths and has taught us a lot!  People ask us, why?  Why start a business in this economy?  We ask them why  not?  Sure times are tough and we will have our mountain of challenges, but wouldn't we have a mountain of challenges regardless if the economy was booming?  Deciding to start a business takes a lot of time, energy and of course money.  It also takes a lot of faith.  Faith in our abilities as well as faith in the unknown! Through this process we have had to adopt the motto to take action and make it happen.  Procrastination doesn't have a place in small business.  If you don't get things done, they don't get done.  Networking and communication are keys to making things happen and having a community that helps support your efforts makes a huge difference.  Don't be afraid to share your thoughts or ideas about business, that is how we develop good ideas into great ones.  Starting a new business is like having a new baby or a puppy.  There is not a second you can neglect it.  By nurturing it you are ensuring it's continued health and success.  Of course you always have those moments when the puppy chews up the furniture or a new pair of shoes, but you learn to either get stronger furniture or put your shoes up.  It's a learning process. Through the process we are able to grow and the second you stop learning, you stop growing.  At times the learning curve has been extreme and other times it has been more gradual.  But at the end of the day the ultimate goals are to provide excellent customer service and provide a service that helps other businesses be more efficient.  

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