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May 01, 2013



Press Release for the new ShredSack! We are so exited to be able to offer this new service! 



MARBLE FALLS, TX, May 1, 2013 - Condor Document Services introduced a new document destruction product to help small businesses and private individuals manage their shredding needs in a more efficient and cost effective way.  The ShredSack, developed by Casey & Layne Moss, provides a great solution for destroying sensitive documents. 

The ShredSack is an oversized, durable paper sack that holds up to 60 pounds of paper.  The idea behind ShredSack is to eliminate the hassle of dealing with home and office desk shredders, and it making it easy to recycle the paper.  When documents are shredded at home or office, the paper is tossed into the garbage taking up space in the landfill.  By using a service or product such as the ShredSack customers fill it up, seal the bag and call for the sack to be pick up.  Once it is picked up the entire sack is destroyed and then recycled to make new paper products.  

For one low cost customers purchase the ShredSack which includes the cost of shredding service.  Once customers have filled the sack to capacity, they call Condor Document Services to schedule a pick up.  Currently the ShredSack is destroyed on-site eliminating the risk of documents being handled.  The dimensions of the ShredSack are 36” x 16” X 12” and stands conveniently upright allowing for easy access to place paper into the sack. 

“When talking to customers and potential customers the obvious hatred towards the common desk shredder became apparent.” Stated Casey Moss of AVEC Enterprises, LLC.  He went on to say, “ Most people are reluctant to pay $200 or more to have a professional document destruction company come to their residence or place of business.  The ShredSack was an obvious solution to this common problem.  By combining a one time use, flexible scheduling and affordable shredding, the ShredSack is an obvious solution to frustrations associated with DIY shredding.”

With the ShredSack there is no need to pull staples, remove paper clips or open envelopes.  The idea behind the ShredSack is to help protect against identity theft in a more convenient and affordable way.  For more information about the ShredSack visit

AVEC Enterprises, LLC is a family owned business located in Marble Falls, TX.  Condor Document Services is an on-site document shredding company based out of Marble Falls, TX.  Condor Document Services provides services to Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country. 




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