Is paper piling up at your office or home?

January 02, 2013

Buried by paper? Tired of burning up desktop shredders? Not sure what to do with the boxes of files in your attic? The most common desktop shredder is strip cut shredder.  Most likely if you are shredding in your home or office this is the type of shredder you have.  It takes the paper and cuts it into uniform strips.   This is actually a big security risk because programs are available that allow you to piece the shredded paper back together! Pierce-and-tear shredding is the most secure way to ensure your vital records are completely destroyed without the chance of being reconstructed.  This type of shredding has no uniform cut to it and makes it nearly impossible to reconstruct a destroyed document. With on-site shredding like Condor Document Services, customers are able to watch the process to know their material is completely destroyed right there at their location.  Once the paper is shredded in compliance with NAID standards it is then 100% recycled.  

Let’s take a look at some math . . . for a business; figure you have an employee who shreds on average about 20 minutes a day.  Seems reasonable and actually appears to be part of a normal operating expense. How cost effective is it? That one employee spends 100 minutes per week shredding, or six and half hours a month destroying confidential material.  If that employee is making minimum wage, which is $7.25 in Texas, it is costing just over $47.00 per month and that doesn’t include the cost of a shredder, lost productivity or related employee expenses.  Saving money with any business is key, and especially when we can do things ourselves it seems more cost effective, but in this equation it isn’t. There is a more cost effective and efficient way to handle your important documents that is also completely secure.  By outsourcing your shredding needs you will save money, destroy documents securely and more quickly and free up employees to focus on other tasks and not to mention it is environmentally friendly!   

Our shredding service is for anyone - businesses or individuals.  We have drop off locations, scheduled services or one-time purge programs that are convenient and easily fit your needs.  For a cost analysis of in house shredding vs. a professional shredding service contact us at   

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