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May 01, 2013



Press Release for the new ShredSack! We are so exited to be able to offer this new service! 



MARBLE FALLS, TX, May 1, 2013 - Condor Document Services introduced a new document destruction product to help small businesses and private individuals manage their shredding needs in a more efficient and cost effective way.  The ShredSack, developed by Casey & Layne Moss, provides a great solution for destroying sensitive documents. 

The ShredSack is an oversized, durable paper sack that holds up to 60 pounds of paper.  The idea behind ShredSack is to eliminate the hassle of dealing with home and office desk shredders, and it making it easy to recycle the paper.  When documents are shredded at home or office, the paper is tossed into the garbage taking up space in the landfill.  By using a service or product such as the ShredSack customers fill it up, seal the bag and call for the sack to be pick up.  Once it is picked up the entire sack is destroyed and then recycled to make new paper products.  

For one low cost customers purchase the ShredSack which includes the cost of shredding service.  Once customers have filled the sack to capacity, they call Condor Document Services to schedule a pick up.  Currently the ShredSack is destroyed on-site eliminating the risk of documents being handled.  The dimensions of the ShredSack are 36” x 16” X 12” and stands conveniently upright allowing for easy access to place paper into the sack. 

“When talking to customers and potential customers the obvious hatred towards the common desk shredder became apparent.” Stated Casey Moss of AVEC Enterprises, LLC.  He went on to say, “ Most people are reluctant to pay $200 or more to have a professional document destruction company come to their residence or place of business.  The ShredSack was an obvious solution to this common problem.  By combining a one time use, flexible scheduling and affordable shredding, the ShredSack is an obvious solution to frustrations associated with DIY shredding.”

With the ShredSack there is no need to pull staples, remove paper clips or open envelopes.  The idea behind the ShredSack is to help protect against identity theft in a more convenient and affordable way.  For more information about the ShredSack visit

AVEC Enterprises, LLC is a family owned business located in Marble Falls, TX.  Condor Document Services is an on-site document shredding company based out of Marble Falls, TX.  Condor Document Services provides services to Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country. 




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You need a cheap way to dispose of those sensitive documents.  Why not burn them? After all fire is free and kind of fun.  Just need a match and a space to burn, right?  Sure, but what about the other impacts?

We get this response quite often – “we just burn our paper.”  There are a number of reasons this is a bad idea.   First there are the environmental impacts.  The smoke from the fires directly contributes to the green house gases (Global warming sound familiar?).  The other issue is the type of paper it is.  There are different paper grades along with the types of ink used.  If there is any plastic or vinyl mixed in the smoke can be toxic.  So it’s hard to really know what it is you are burning when you choose to dispose of documents this way.  The other environmental impact is the waste of paper.  Burning the paper leaves no possibilities of recycling it.  You may as well burn down a couple trees too. 

What about the non-environmental issues?  As fire burns it breaks down the paper into smoke and ash.  No information is obviously left in the smoke, but what about the ashes?  Could there still be legible material in the ashes? Are you planning to swift through the ashes ensuring there is no information left? What if pieces of paper blow away?  If you’re a business and burning your files as part of your records management program are you just choosing to ignore the possible fines your company can be liable for with burning?  Does burning comply with laws and how do you back that up if there is no real chain of custody?

Fire has many good uses – s’mores by a campfire or hot cocoa by the fireplace on a old night, but being a way to dispose of your records is not one of them.  Fires are influenced by other elements such as weather, which leaves you dealing with an uncontrollable source to dispose of proprietary information. 

When it comes to destroying your confidential material do you want to leave any thing to chance?  It may be cheaper to burn, but as my mom always said cheaper is not always better!  When it comes to protecting yourself, your business, your clients and your loved ones (our kids are susceptible too) from identity theft or other related crimes, using a secure shredding resource is the best option. Nothing is left to chance and the only environmental impact is a positive one. 

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New Drop Off Locations

April 18, 2013


Condor Document Services is pleased to announce 3 more drop off locations in the Hill Country.  Fredericksburg Printing and Supply located at 237 Main Street in Fredericksburg and JB Quickship has two locations, 701 N 281 in Marble Falls and 602 S. Water Street in Burnet.  With our convenient drop off services available it provides a low cost option to disposing of smaller amounts of personal documents.  Drop off location have securely locked bins and are picked up no more than three days after your paper has been placed in the bin.  Once the material has been shredded we will send you an email at the address provided reassuring you that your documents have been successfully shredded.  Our other drop off locations includes Printworks at 314 Main in Marble Falls and D & W Printing at 228 Main Street in Burnet. 

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Free Shred Event

April 17, 2013


Free paper shredding event this Saturday in Burnet will benefit local LACare, Inc.  LACare’s mission is to feed the hungry!  LACare provides emergency food for families residing in the Burnet Consolidate Independent School District.  So bring out those old boxes of files and a few cans of food and join the event!  We will shred 3 boxes of documents per vehicle for a donation of 2 cans of food per box.  So for 6 cans of food you could have a few years worth of your tax records shredded in minutes and help out a good cause at the same time! Together Condor Document Services and the Burnet Chamber of Commerce will have volunteers to help unload vehicles and receive donations making it even easier for you.  For more information about the Free Shred Event on Saturday, April 20 please call Condor Document Services at 830-637-7204 or Burnet Chamber of Commerce at 512-756-4297. 

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Last month we hosted our first community shred day with the Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce.  We decided to make this an event in which we could offer shredding in exchange for a donation or non-perishable food item to support area food banks.  With the help of several volunteers organized by the Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce we were able to shred just about 2,000 lbs and collect several hundred pounds of food! Chris Schmidt of Starbucks supplied hot coffee for the volunteers! Perfect for the cold, windy morning!  Shred days have become a great way to promote your business or organization by offering a valuable service to the community. Last month we hosted our first community shred day with the Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce.  We decided to make this an event in which we could offer shredding in exchange for a donation or non-perishable food item to support area food banks.  With the help of several volunteers organized by the Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce we were able to shred just about 2,000 lbs and collect several hundred pounds of food! Chris Schmidt of Starbucks supplied hot coffee for the volunteers! Perfect for the cold, windy morning!  Shred days have become a great way to promote your business or organization by offering a valuable service to the community. 

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Buried by paper? Tired of burning up desktop shredders? Not sure what to do with the boxes of files in your attic? The most common desktop shredder is strip cut shredder.  Most likely if you are shredding in your home or office this is the type of shredder you have.  It takes the paper and cuts it into uniform strips.   This is actually a big security risk because programs are available that allow you to piece the shredded paper back together! Pierce-and-tear shredding is the most secure way to ensure your vital records are completely destroyed without the chance of being reconstructed.  This type of shredding has no uniform cut to it and makes it nearly impossible to reconstruct a destroyed document. With on-site shredding like Condor Document Services, customers are able to watch the process to know their material is completely destroyed right there at their location.  Once the paper is shredded in compliance with NAID standards it is then 100% recycled.  

Let’s take a look at some math . . . for a business; figure you have an employee who shreds on average about 20 minutes a day.  Seems reasonable and actually appears to be part of a normal operating expense. How cost effective is it? That one employee spends 100 minutes per week shredding, or six and half hours a month destroying confidential material.  If that employee is making minimum wage, which is $7.25 in Texas, it is costing just over $47.00 per month and that doesn’t include the cost of a shredder, lost productivity or related employee expenses.  Saving money with any business is key, and especially when we can do things ourselves it seems more cost effective, but in this equation it isn’t. There is a more cost effective and efficient way to handle your important documents that is also completely secure.  By outsourcing your shredding needs you will save money, destroy documents securely and more quickly and free up employees to focus on other tasks and not to mention it is environmentally friendly!   

Our shredding service is for anyone - businesses or individuals.  We have drop off locations, scheduled services or one-time purge programs that are convenient and easily fit your needs.  For a cost analysis of in house shredding vs. a professional shredding service contact us at   

why shed?

Starting a business is always a challenge.  There is so much work to be done, so many small details that can't be overlooked.  Opening Condor Document Services has led us onto many new paths and has taught us a lot!  People ask us, why?  Why start a business in this economy?  We ask them why  not?  Sure times are tough and we will have our mountain of challenges, but wouldn't we have a mountain of challenges regardless if the economy was booming?  Deciding to start a business takes a lot of time, energy and of course money.  It also takes a lot of faith.  Faith in our abilities as well as faith in the unknown! Through this process we have had to adopt the motto to take action and make it happen.  Procrastination doesn't have a place in small business.  If you don't get things done, they don't get done.  Networking and communication are keys to making things happen and having a community that helps support your efforts makes a huge difference.  Don't be afraid to share your thoughts or ideas about business, that is how we develop good ideas into great ones.  Starting a new business is like having a new baby or a puppy.  There is not a second you can neglect it.  By nurturing it you are ensuring it's continued health and success.  Of course you always have those moments when the puppy chews up the furniture or a new pair of shoes, but you learn to either get stronger furniture or put your shoes up.  It's a learning process. Through the process we are able to grow and the second you stop learning, you stop growing.  At times the learning curve has been extreme and other times it has been more gradual.  But at the end of the day the ultimate goals are to provide excellent customer service and provide a service that helps other businesses be more efficient.  

Andean Condor

October 01, 2012

Andean Condor Facts

Male Andean Condor is one of the largest flying birds.

Andean condors may kill some living prey, where as California Condors never kill living prey. 

The Andean condor mates for life.

Wing span is up to 10.5 feet

They live up to 50 years and mate for life. 


California Condor

September 01, 2012

California Condors face lead menace

After more than three decades on the brink of extinction, the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) — the largest and most threatened wild bird species in the United States — is making a modest recovery, thanks to intensive captive breeding and medical intervention. But troubling data reported this week suggest that unless hunters change their practices, the condor will require extensive support in perpetuity if it is to survive in the wild.